Cycle de conférences en Anthropologie 2018-2019 - Ghassan Hage - le 17 septembre 2018

Intervenant : Ghassan Hage (University of Melbourne)

Titre : Illusio : on the analytic deployment of a Bourdieu-ian concept.

Résumé :

In this talk I investigate and compare a number of analytic/ethnographic moments where I found myself deploying Bourdieu’s concept of illusio. I want to particularly highlight the rich potentiality of the concept which allowed me to extend its usage far beyond what Bourdieu made of it. In doing so I want to also exemplify how sometimes rushing into ‘critique’ can actually impoverish analysis by shutting down the possibility of working with the rich potentiality of concepts.

Biographie :

Ghassan J. Hage is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Hage works on the comparative anthropology of racism, nationalism and multiculturalism, particularly in Australia and the Middle East. He has written and conducted fieldwork on the Lebanese transnational diaspora in Australia, the US, Europe, Canada and Venezuela. He also researches and writes in social theory, particularly the work of Pierre Bourdieu.

  • Quand ?

Le lundi 17 septembre 2018 de 17h00 à 19h00

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ULB - Campus du Solbosch

Institut de Sociologie (bâtiment S)

Salle Janne - 15e niveau

44 avenue Jeanne - 1050 Bruxelles

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