Lisa Richaud

Status: Member - Doctor in Social and Political Sciences, Anthropology orientation

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Specializing in the anthropology of contemporary urban China, Dr. Lisa Richaud works as a post-doctoral researcher between King’s College and Shanghai Fudan University’s School of Public Health in the Sino-British interdisciplinary research project ‘Mental health, migration and the Chinese mega-city’. Her doctoral thesis (Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2016) explored the social life and place-making practices of retirees in Beijing’s public parks, with particular attention to re-deployments, in other time-spaces, of « red culture » performances that can be traced back to the Mao era. She has also developed interests in the anthropology of friendship and sociality in urban contexts.

In the project ’Mental Health, Migration, and the Chinese Mega-City’, Lisa Richaud will work in close collaboration with Profs. Dominique Béhague (King’s College) and Ash Amin (University of Cambridge) to produce fine-grained ethnographic data on the everyday experience of migrants in Shanghai’s inner city and suburban areas, with specific focus on affective and sensory aspects, along with the role of the built environment.


Articles published in peer review Journal

- 2016, « Au parc par temps de fête : Fêtes étatiques et performances publiques à Pékin aujourd’hui », L’Espace Politique, 30 | 2016-03.

- 2016, Between "face" and "faceless" relationships in China’s public places: Ludic encounters and activity-oriented friendships among middle and old aged urbanites in Beijing public parks. Urban Studies, Special issue article: Urban friendship networks: Affective negotiations in the city. Pre-published 2 March 2016, DOI: 10.1177/0042098016633609.

- 2015, Mise en scène de l’innocence et jeux d’attention : Autographie d’un terrain sous surveillance dans un parc public pékinois.Civilisations, vol. 64, no. 1&2, pp. 23-34.

- 2014, (with Astrid NORDIN), Subverting official language and discourse in China? Type river crab for harmony. China Information, vol. 28, no 1, p. 47-67.


- 2013, Working while Being Followed: Reflections on Fieldwork Constraints in a Beijing Public Park. Text published online by the LSE Field Research Method Lab following the workshop organized on the theme "Addressing Field Research Constraints in China", London School of Economics, 6-7 juin.

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