Marco Di Nunzio

Statut : Postdoc – FNRS.

Marco Di Nunzio organises the research seminar Anthropologie à Bruxelles/Brussels Anthropology (ABBA)

ULB - Institut de Sociologie
44 avenue Jeanne - CP 124 - B - 1050 Bruxelles
Bureau : S12.107
Tél : +32-2-650 33 96 - Fax : +32-2-650 43 37
Email : mdinunzi@ulb.ac.be

I am currently a Lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences at the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and a postdoctoral fellow of the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS) at the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie des Mondes Contemporains. I previously held the positions of Wiener Anspach postdoctoral research fellow at ULB, visiting researcher at Addis Ababa University and postdoctoral research associate at the University of Oxford, where I also completed my doctorate in Social and Cultural Anthropology in 2012.

As an anthropologist, I am concerned with exploring the present time as a contingent realization. The starting point of my research is that the present is not inevitable ; it is the product of actions, decisions, and arrangements that could well have been otherwise. I explore courses of actions as the source of the contingency of the present, thus enabling an anthropological deconstruction of the here-and-now and reflecting on how anthropology can help imagine an alternative present and what could be. By examining the political processes that shape the present as it exists, and people’s search for alternative presents and futures. I scrutinize the political arrangements that govern the unfolding of construction booms and cause marginality to persist.

My research and recent publications have explored youth, uncertainty and life trajectories ; the history of the street economy ; migration ; elections and authoritarianism ; urban politics ; entrepreneurship and micro-finance ; the debate on neoliberalism and ‘development alternatives’ ; community policing and political surveillance ; labour and the construction business ; professional ethics and architecture practice.


Peer reviewed journal Articles

- Forthcoming (February 2017). ‘Marginality as a Politics of Limited Entitlements. Streetlife and the Dilemma of Inclusion in Urban Ethiopia, American Ethnologist, 44 (1)

- 2015. ‘What is the alternative ? : Youth, Entrepreneurship and the Developmental State in Urban Ethiopia’, Development & Change 6 (4) : 1179-1200

- 2014. Do Not Cross the Red line : the 2010 national election, dissent and political mobilization in urban Ethiopia, African Affairs 113(452):409-430.

- 2014. Thugs, Spies and Vigilantes : Community policing and street politics in inner city Addis Ababa, Africa 84(3):444-465.

- 2012. ‘We are good at surviving’. Street hustling in Addis Ababa’s inner city, Urban Forum 23(4) : 433 - 447

- 2009. Voglio essere come l’obelisco : identità giovanili ad Axum, Etiopia (I want to be like the obelisk : youth identities in Axum, Ethiopia), Afriche e Orienti 3-4

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

- 2015. ‘Embracing Uncertainty. Young people on the move in Addis Ababa’s inner city’, in Cooper L., Pratten D. (eds) Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan : 149 – 172

- 2010. ‘Amm Adam : analytic problems and interpretative perspective’, in Szwewcyz M., Zych I. (eds) Between the Cataracts. Proceedings of the 11th Conference of Nubian Studies. Warsaw : Warsaw University Press : 329 – 357

Book Reviews

- 2013. A review of ‘Andrew Burton and Hélène Charton-Bigot (eds.), Generations Past : Youth in East African history. Athens : Ohio University Press’, Africa 83 (2) : 347 - 349

- 2013. A review of ‘Daniel Mains, Hope is Cut. Youth, Unemployment and the Future in Urban Ethiopia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Temple University Press’, Journal of Modern African Studies 51 (2) : 366 - 367

- 2012. A review of ‘Paula Heinonen Youth Gangs & Street Children. Culture, Nurture and Masculinity in Ethiopia’. New York, Oxford : Berghahn Books’, Africa 82 (4) : 662 – 663


- ‘Ou(t)here’. Politics, Hope and Migration in Little Ethiopia’

Under Preparation

- ‘Working Won’t Make You Rich : The Morality of Development and the Eclipse of Labour (Journal Article)

- ‘A Conspiracy to Build. Market Economy, Technology and Professional Ethics in a Growing African City’ (Journal Article)

- ‘Marginality, Multiplicity and Becoming : A view from an African Success Story’ (Journal Article)

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