Roos Dorsman

Status: PhD student

ULB - Institut de Sociologie
avenue Jeanne 44 - CP 124 - 1050 Brussels
Office: S12.204
Tel.: +32-2-650 68 34 - Fax: +32-2-650 43 37

The PhD research is part of an international research project called Currents of faith, places of history: religious diasporas, connections, moral circumscriptions and world-making in the Atlantic space. The focus in Brussels (researchers: David Berliner (PI, ULB) and Roos Dorsman(ULB)) is on “Slave Trade Transatlantic Heritagescapes. Reconnections and World- Making in Guinea-Conakry and the Mexican Gulf”.

I will study the historical emergence of ’Louisiana voodoo’, and explore how it has been inserted within wider historiographical reconfigurations regarding Atlantic slavery, race and ethnic identity in the Caribbean/North American continuum. I will explore histories and memories of slavery as forms of encounter and worldmaking that reverberate in contemporary identitary (ethnic or racial) processes in New Orleans.

Keywords: mobility, migration, history, memory, slavery, religion, voodoo, ethnic identity

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