Anneke Newman

Status : FNRS Postdoctoral Researcher

Together with Manon Istasse, she organises the research seminar Anthropologie à Bruxelles/Brussels Anthropology (ABBA).

ULB - Institut de Sociologie
44 avenue Jeanne - CP 124 - 1050 Bruxelles
Office: S12.214
Tel.: +32 2 650 46 58 - Fax: +32 2 650 43 37

I am an anthropologist of education and development. I am passionate about understanding people’s own thoughts about development and well-being, particularly the knowledge and skills that they find valuable – and how these may conflict with dominant definitions of ‘quality’ education which circulate within international policy and practice. I pursued this line of interest throughout my doctoral research, which investigated how families and young people negotiated between Islamic and secular state schools in northern Senegal. My post-doc at the LAMC follows this thread, by tracing the trajectories of young men from northern Senegal who attended Qur’anic schools and have since migrated to Europe. I will explore how they perceive their education in retrospect, especially given the growing challenges faced by undocumented and ‘low-skilled’ migrants in Europe, and how they are shaping the educational trajectories and decisions of their family members ‘back home’. I consider myself to be an applied anthropologist and feel strongly that my academic work should contribute to shaping a more just world. In my case, this involves creating or supporting educational and institutional spaces that enable the expression of a greater diversity of voices and perspectives. I try to contribute to international education policy debates, and I am the Secretary of the British Association of International and Comparative Education (BAICE) and Assistant Secretary of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) which has consultative status with UNESCO. I am also a member of l’Association de Recherche sur l’Education et les Savoirs (ARES) and l’Association Francophone d’Education Comparée (AFEC). I have worked for over a decade with research and education-related NGOs in Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, providing an anthropological perspective to improve relationships with communities. I currently work as research consultant with action-research NGO The Grandmother Project (GMP) in southern Senegal. They use an intergenerational dialogue approach to improve relations between elders and youth; reduce teen pregnancy, forced marriage, early drop-out of girls from school, and FGM/C; and integrate cultural values and indigenous knowledge into primary school teaching. Finally, I am an enthusiastic teacher at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. I was extremely honoured to be awarded a prize for Outstanding and Innovative Undergraduate Teaching by my wonderful students at the University of Sussex, in 2017. Although my current role is research-based I am always on the lookout for opportunities to engage in teaching, and welcome invitations to facilitate occasional workshops or seminars. Prior to taking up this post-doc position, I completed my PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Sussex in 2016; an MSc in Cross-Cultural Research Methods at Sussex (2010); an MA in Gender and International Development at the Institute of Development Studies (2007); and a BA in Human Sciences at the University of Oxford (2006). I remain affiliated to the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex as a Postdoctoral Associate.

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