Our main research interests:

- 1. One of LAMC leading research fields is that of heritage and memory. This axis of research, called ‘History and memory, transmission, heritage’, focuses on the overall question of heritage and memory as socially and politically constructed issues, whether it is in Europe, Asia, North America or Africa. It associates several researchers (Françoise Lauwaert, David Berliner, Joel Noret, Anne-Marie Bouttiaux, Anne-Marie Losonczy, Roland Baumann, Laurent Legrain, Manon Istasse, Pascal Visart de Bocarmé, Anna Seiderer). In particular, some specific areas of interest include: heritage-making, cultural transmission, nostalgia, commemorative practices, cultural revitalization processes, holocaust memory, postcolonial museums, music memory, post-communist memory, memory of slave trade. From 2005-2009, this research group has produced a series of publications in peer-reviewed international journals such as American Ethnologist, Cahiers d’Études Africaines, RES Anthropology and Aesthetics, Anthropological Quarterly, Civilisations, Techniques et Cultures, Inner Asia, African Arts and a special volume of Gradhiva. Several researchers are involved in an anthropological analysis of UNESCO policies looking at the local effects and understandings of World Heritage List inscription.

- 2. LAMC researchers (Benjamin Rubbers, Pierre Petit, Anne-Marie Losonczy, Mathieu Hilgers, Catherine Bourgeois, Olivia Angé, Joseph Indeka, Olivier Kahola, Aimé Kakudji, Pascale Visart de Bocarmé, Audrey Vankeerberghen, Alice Peters, Raluca Nagy) also explore the cutting edges of anthropology of development and political anthropology, for which there is a considerable amount of publishing activity in both domestic and international journals. In regions as diverse as Latin America, South-East Asia and Europe, specific areas of interest include: urban economy; development of education; resettlement of populations; an anthropology of secondary cities; the effects of neoliberalism; the invention of traditions; issues of identity, belonging, ethnicity and racism; migrations, transnational identities and imagined communities; professional identities, trade networks, corruption, local politics and forms of justice; health systems. From 2005-2009, this research group has produced 4 books (1 by Mathieu Hilgers and 1 by Benjamin Rubbers, both at Karthala, and 2 by Anne-Marie Losonczy), 1 edited volume (by Pierre Petit and Pascale Visart de Bocarmé), and a series of publications in peer-reviewed international journals such as Anthropos, Africa, Revue Tiers-Monde, Anthropological Forum, Aseanie, Journal des Africanistes, Cahiers d’Etudes Africaines, L’Homme, Afrique Contemporaine, Techniques et Cultures, Politique Africaine, British Journal of Sociology, Autrepart and Civilisations.

- 3. Another field of research concentrates on the anthropology of religion and symbolic systems. There has been a long tradition of religious and symbolism studies in anthropology at ULB and the LAMC researchers (Pierre Petit, David Berliner, Marc Lenaerts, Françoise Lauwaert, Philippe Jespers, Anne-Marie Losonczy, Joel Noret, Maité Maskens, Eduardo Quaretta, Anne-Marie Bouttiaux, Alain Konen, Rodica Negre) are clearly pursuing such legacy. Specific areas of interest include (in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America): witchcraft, Islam, rituals, new religious movements, divination practices, shamanism, religious learning, gender and religion, death and funerals, ethno-botany, ethno-zoology, cognitive anthropology. From 2005-2009, 3 books (by Marc Lenaerts, Alain Konen) and 3 edited volumes (by David Berliner, by Pierre Petit & Joel Noret and by Marc Lenaerts) have been published. Plus a series of publications in top level journals such as L’Homme, Anthropos, Journal of Ethnobotany, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedecine, Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions, Social Compass, Social Anthropology, Cahiers d’Etudes Africaines, Journal des Anthropologues and Autrepart.

- 4. Last but not least, the fourth line of research focuses on gender and sexuality issues (David Berliner, Laurent Gaissad, Maité Maskens). For the last years, ULB has fostered several research programs and scientific activities on gender and sexuality. In the LAMC, some specific areas of interest include: sex and space, gender and religion, gay and lesbian studies, sexual risks, gendered methodologies, sexual learning. From 2005-2009, 1 edited book (by Laurent Gaissad) and a series of publications in top level journals such as Journal of Sex Research, Espaces/Populations/Société and a special volume of Men and Masculinities, have come out.

- Anthropology of religion (Petit, Jespers, Berliner, Losonczy, Lauwaert, Lenaerts, Noret, Bouttiaux, Konen, Maskens)

- Migration, transnationalism, multiculturalism (Losonczy, Noret, Rubbers, Grégoire, Bourgeois, Maskens, Visart de Bocarmé, Istasse, Nagy)

- History and memory, transmission, heritage (Lauwaert, Berliner, Noret, Bouttiaux, Losonczy, Istasse)

- Anthropology of development (Petit, Angé, Kahola, Kakudji, Rubbers, Indeka)

- Anthropology of art and the aesthetics (Jespers, Lauwaert, Bouttiaux, Visart de Bocarmé, Konen, Seiderer,

- Ethnicity, invention of tradition, political power (Petit, Rubbers, Losonczy, Indeka, Visart de Bocarmé, Bourgeois, Grégoire, Istasse,Nagy)

- Civil society, social movement , regulation (Angé, Vankeerberghen, Grégoire, Truffin, Indeka)

- Gender and sexuality (Berliner, Maskens)

- Medical anthropology (Lenaerts, Peters, Kakudji, Losonczy, Nagy)

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