Anthropologie à Bruxelles - Brussels Anthropology Seminar (ABBA) - Calendar 2018-2019

The ABBA seminar aims to create a Brussels forum for research in anthropology. By hosting presentations based on a sound ethnographic fieldwork, we hope bring together students, researchers and a wider public interested in our discipline. The seminar will consider a variety of themes ranging from the study of ritual and religion in ethnography of development and conflict, and exploration of (...) read more...

Séminaire d’Anthropologie à Bruxelles - Brussels Anthropology (ABBA) : Inge Tvedten - the 14 December 2018

Speaker : Inge Tvedten (Chr. Michelsen Institute) Title : Reflections on the (ir)relevance of anthropology for the study of poverty and poverty alleviation Biography : Inge Tvedten is a senior researcher/anthropologist working at Chr. Michelsen Institute in Norway. He has 35 years of experience combining basic and applied research on urban and rural poverty and poverty alleviation – (...) read more...

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