Books published in 2016

- Retour des corps, parcours des âmes. Exhumations et ritualisations collectives du deuil dans le monde hispanophone by Anne-Marie Losonczy and Valérie Robin Azavedo, Petra, 2016

- Patrice Lumumba : La fabrique d’un héros national et panafricain by Pierre Petit. Académie Royale de Belgique, Coll. L’Académie en Poche, 2016.

- World Heritage on the Ground : Ethnographic Perspectives. Edited by Christoph Brumann and David Berliner, Oxford, Berghahn Book, 2016.

Books published in 2015

- Eating in Northeastern Cambodia, A Socio-Anthropological Approach to Highland Food in Ratanakiri by Manon Istasse. White Lotus, 2015.

- "Puissance et pouvoir de l’écriture chinoise" by Françoise Lauwaert. Académie Royale de Belgique, Coll. L’Académie en Poche, 2015.

Books published in 2014

- «Chanter, s’attacher et transmettre chez les Darhad de Mongolie» by Laurent Legrain. Centre d’Etudes Mongoles et Sibériennes - Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Collection Nord-Asie, 4, 2014.

- «La mano de Orula. Etnografia sobre Ifà y la Santeria en La Habana», by Alain Konen. Editions L’Harmattan, 434 pages

- «Une critique postcoloniale en acte. Les musées d’ethnographie contemporains sous le prisme des études postcoloniales» by Anna Seiderer, Editions Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale, Collection Documents de Sciences humaines et sociales, 216 p.

- Anthropology and Nostalgia. Edited by Olivia Angé and David Berliner, Oxford, Berghahn Books, 2014.

- Bourdieu’s Theory of Social Fields. Concepts and applications by Mathieu Hilgers, Edited by Mathieu Hilgers and Eric Mangez, Edition Routledge, Collection Routledge Advances in Sociology, 2014.

- Une ethnographie des pentecôtismes africains en France. Le temps des prophètes by Damien Mottier, Edition Academia, Collection Espace Afrique, 2014

Books published in 2013

- Identité, culture et intimité. Les stéréotypes dans la vie quotidienne by Benjamin Rubbers and Pierre Petit, Revue Civilisations, 2013, nr. 62.

- Des humains et des matériaux. Ethnographie d’une filière textile artisanale au Laos by Annabel Vallard, Editions Petra, Paris, December 2013.

- Le monde selon l’Unesco, édited by David Berliner and Chiaro Bortolotto, Gradhiva nr. 18.

- La dynamique des masques en Afrique Occidentale by Anne-Marie Bouttiaux, Editions MRAC, Tervuren, Collection «Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities», nr. 176.

- "Cheminer avec Dieu: pentecôtismes et migrations à Bruxelles" by Maïté Maskens. Aux Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles, 2013.

- "Mémoires religieuses Baga" by David Berliner. Edited by the Museum Barbier-Mueller, 2013.

On-going projects

-  Project HERA (Roos Dorsman, David Berliner)

Current of faith, places of history: religious diasporas, connections, moral circumscriptions and world-making in the Atlantic space.:

-  Project Annâdya (Annick Schubert, Pierre Petit)

ULB, in partnership with Gembloux Gx ABT/ULg, the Cambodian NGO CEDAC and the Hanoi University of Agriculture has been awarded by EuropeAid (UE) fund to implemente a food security project in two neighboring provinces in Laos and in Cambodia. This project shall start on the 1st February for a 3 years duration, with a total budget of 3 400 000 euros. It focuse on 3 main axes : the improvement of agricultural production and productivity ; the improvement of beneficiaries’ nutrition and the development of sustainable grass-roots institutions.

Inspired from a Sanskrit word meaning « the happiness to eat according to one’s need », the project has been named “Annâdya”. It will be implemented in 100 villages in Attapeu (South-East Laos) and Ratanakiri (North-East Cambodia), and aims to benefit to 20 000 rural households (about 120 000 people) mainly from ethnic minorities background. An anthropological support, coordinated by Pr. Pierre Petit (LAMC), will be provided all along the project to insure that local populations’ social and cultural peculiarities are taken into account.The technical expertise brought by ULB and its partners will also focus on north-south and south-south transfer of sustainable technologies that are financially and technically affordable. The training of rural trainers and extensionists will also be at the core of the action, in complement to production and small-scale processing pilots-units.

In the field, the project will be directed by Annick Schubert (LAMC ; Euro+) in collaboration with Samnol Yun (CEDAC) and Cédric Delannoy (Gx ABT/ULg) in Cambodia and Pr. Philippe Lebailly (Gx ABT/ULg) and Vu Dinh Ton (HUA) in Laos. Also collaboration with the provincial department of Agriculture of Attapeu. It will be implemented by, Benoît Haut (TIPs ; ULB), Pr. Philippe Donnen (Erasme, Ecole de la santé publique) et Manon Istasse (LAMC). It will be supervised administratively by Jean-Louis Moortgat (DRE ; ULB), with the support of Sandrine Levêque (LAMC).

  • Case-study realized by Patrick Bolte, consultant in Banyaneer: Cambodia - Prak Village: more food, more resilient (read the article)
  • Projet Annâdya: Une première Foire Agri Culturelle prometteuse a Banlung (read the article)
  • Sign of things to come: Ratanakiri farmer increases rice yield by 38% with SRI (read the article)
  • Cricket farming in Cambodia: a sustainable source of supplementary nutrition and income (read the article)
  • Annâdya: le bonheur de manger à sa faim au Cambodge et au Laos published in Esprit Libre, n°27, avril-mai 2013, page 20.

Although our researchers have different backgrounds and fields, in the next coming years, our team will work on the four research themes presented in section 3. Beyond our diversity, we intend to contribute to research theories and methodologies in heritage-making, development politics, religion, and gender/sexuality. In particular, we plan to organize three international conferences involving both researchers and doctoral students who are interested in these topics, with a series of publications in the coming years:

- 1. A conference on African Churches in Europe (by Joel Noret and Maité Maskens). From issues of identity, networks of religious actors, relations to the public sphere, and gender, contributions to the conference will show how African Christian worlds of Europe are now located at the very heart of dynamics of reconfiguration of African imaginations of Europe, but also of European imaginations of Africa. Keynote addresses will be delivered by Rijk Van Dijk (ASC, Leiden) and André Mary (CNRS/EHESS, Paris).

- 2. A conference on UNESCO and heritage-making (by David Berliner and Chiara Bortolotto). The papers gathered in this conference will be interested in engaging anthropological, epistemological and ethical reflections that emerge from ethnographies of UNESCO texts and bureaucratic practices. But also, we would like to invite scholars to speak about their own ethnographic experiences about UNESCO preservation in different settings. Using a comparative approach, we invite experts to discuss their data around economic, political, religious, social, aesthetic and historical impacts of its heritage-making policies.

- 3. A conference about ‘aesthetics and transmission’ organized in collaboration with the Musée du Quai Branly (by David Berliner, Laurent Legrain, Anne-Laure Cromphout et Pascale Visart de Bocarmé). A four-day workshop organized between Brussels and Paris, this conference intend to better tackle the intimate connections between aesthetics and cultural transmission.

- 4. A conference on heritage-making in China (by Françoise Lauwaert), organized in collaboration with CHIME (Leiden university) and the University of Fudan (Shanghai).

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